Thursday, June 08, 2006

I know what you are thinking...

You are thinking, "Come on... When are you going to rip Ann Coulter a new asshole? She said that she has never seen people enjoying their widow hood so much. She said how do we know their husbands weren't going to divorce these harpies."

Mais non! I see you reason to give the Barbara Bitch Android one more second of publicity. If I did, you might buy (or at least browse) her book to see what the hu-bub was about. I'll tell you what it is about. It is a sick, disgusting, perverted ploy to get her name in the headlines to sell more copies of her new book.

The fascist bitch (she used to be the "hot republican babe" ..oh so many wrinkles ago) has crossed the line so far previously that people treated her like a clown. A wind-up doll. left over on the kid's floor they have outgrown - spouting claptrap as her string was pulled ("Joe McCarthy was right about the commies." "We should go over there, bomb them to kingdom come and covert the survivors to Christianity." "I don't dye my hair."). People treated her as one would a kindly old uncle who was out of touch with the world.

But Ann is the she-devil that will not be ignored. Okay - to make headlines she has to attack 9/11 widows. Apparently in order to make a buck, that is no problem.

But I refuse to fall into the trap. I refuse to get excited by the dried up sack of bones. To her I say only this... See You Next Tuesday.