Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BEFORE Wisconsin was "Out Of Money" a Business Tax Break was passed...

So, in Wisconsin one big argument from the new cuts in Public Sector work-force is the budget which is barreling down and which will not be balanced without cuts in Public Service Worker's benefits.
But according to the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Online, it turns out that last month - right before he worked to take away benefits and bargaining rights, the Governor worked for a Busienss Tax Break - which was granted in a bipartisan vote.
So it isn't a budget issue.  It is a preemptive move to remove collective bargaining and set Public Unions against everyone else.  Like having a pension that was fairly negotiated and health insurance are horrible things.  Like the public unions shouldn't get these.  Republicans won't be happy until the worker's rights are the same in Wisconsin as in China.