Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fascinating Look At the Liberal Mind

I am going to reproduce the first few paragraphs from Nicholas Kristof's opinion piece today.  It is fascinating.  Normally liberals tend to point out what is wrong with conservatives, but in this case it is a liberal is pointing out where liberal mindset breaks down.  (And if you read the whole thing you will understand why Ed and I love Trevor vs. a Golden Retriever... really).
--- First few paragraphs follow ---
Conservatives may not like liberals, but they seem to understand them. In contrast, many liberals find conservative voters not just wrong but also bewildering.
One academic study asked 2,000 Americans to fill out questionnaires about moral questions. In some cases, they were asked to fill them out as they thought a “typical liberal” or a “typical conservative” would respond.
Moderates and conservatives were adept at guessing how liberals would answer questions. Liberals, especially those who described themselves as “very liberal,” were least able to put themselves in the minds of their adversaries and guess how conservatives would answer.
Now a fascinating new book comes along that, to a liberal like myself, helps demystify the right — and illuminates the kind of messaging that might connect with voters of all stripes. “The Righteous Mind,” by Jonathan Haidt, a University of Virginia psychology professor, argues that, for liberals, morality is largely a matter of three values: caring for the weak, fairness and liberty. Conservatives share those concerns (although they think of fairness and liberty differently) and add three others: loyalty, respect for authority and sanctity.


Terriers Rule in Wisconsin said...

I find this very fascinating - especially the part about selecting dogs. Now, do I actually go buy the book or do I move along in life having read the full article which pretty much sums the whole thing up.

Scott said...

Move along (unless you are a pysc major).. That's what I usually, unless I REALLY want to know more.

dogowner said...

so what does it say about me the owner of 2 mutts that are crazy and wake me up at 5:30 am to go running am I an independent????

Meow....from Wisconsin said...

@ dogowner: I'm not sure. I can say with some certainty that you are sleep deprived. I also think independents tend to have cats.