Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mascot of the Month: Nick Adams

So Nick Adams is the Mascot of March (a little late).  He is a great guy staring in Priscilla: Queen of the Desert on Broadway.
This was like the 4th picture.  I was having problems having the camera work.
Now, there are better pics of Eddie, but he wanted me to use the cute one of Nick.
Now Eddie and I met him at a fund raiser for marriage equality.  And the truth is, I purchased tickets just so Eddie could meet him.  (Eddie has a little crush on Mr. Adams).
But once there we found a really nice guy.  We spoke for a long time.  He's from Eire PA, he's articulate, and a nice guy.  And donating his time for this fund-raiser, before a show was great.

 He is, of course, a serious dreamboat.

His smile is truly that cute.


Pipe Dreamer from Wisconsin said...

Where'd he buy those pipes? Dang.

I guess I got in the wrong genetics line and then wasn't smart enough to go to the Big Bicep Day After Thanksgiving Sale at Macy's. I suppose I could always buy a shakeweight (they sell them at Staples, which I find odd)....on second thought, maybe I'll just go to the gym more often and do like a million hammer curls. :)

Scott said...

Perron, I totally get that. You know, I asked him about it when we met him. I asked if it was genetics or work outs. He said he works out a lot, but in reality a ton of his body is genetics.
Which I found honest, refreshing and -actually - a little comforting.