Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some pics from the trip so far

This was from the first day.  Before it was snowing, but there was snow on the mountain.
It was beautiful

This was with a friend (Rod) at the party on the first evening.
This is in the courtyard Thursday night.  Look ma, no  snow.

Same courtyard Saturday morning.  Yikes
So, it must be said, I am not a great skier - nor do I particularly like it.  I alternate between bored, terrified, cold, sticky, exhausted and back to terrified.
I am not suppose to look at my skis - and if I look down the hill I see 8,000 feet of falling so I am suppose to look somewhere in the middle distance.  I get over the thrill of it pretty damn quickly.

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Lisa said...

see thats why I love you - cause our brains are working at the same breakneck speed.