Friday, March 23, 2012

Why Doesn't Romney Fire That Guy!

So here's a question.  By his own happy quote, Romney "likes to fire the people that don't provide good service."  So why doesn't he fire his campaign manager that gave the Etch a Sketch quote?
Seriously.  It would show he holds friends up to the same standards he holds low-life employees up to.  Cuz, bet your ass, if someone he didn't know cost a Bain company this much money (and Econ 101 will tell you "Good Will" is a line item on a takeover with a dollar value assigned to it) - Romeny would fire his ass.
By NOT firing him, Romney just reinforces the perception that he has rules for his friends (crony capitalism at it's worst) and rules for the little people (the unwashed and non-Mormon).
Just saying....

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Connecting the Dots in Wisconsin said...

I think it might have something to do with blind loyalty. As quoted the other day..... “The Righteous Mind,” by Jonathan Haidt, a University of Virginia psychology professor, argues that, for liberals, morality is largely a matter of three values: caring for the weak, fairness and liberty. Conservatives share those concerns (although they think of fairness and liberty differently) and add three others: loyalty, respect for authority and sanctity.