Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Mascots of the Month: Dance Captains

So,  this month we have two Mascots; Spencer Liff and Ryan Steele.
These two men are Broadway Dance Captains.  I am impressed by Dance Captains in shows.  I was reminded by this by Ryan Steele, "Specs" and Dance Captain  from Newsies.
Ryan leading the Newsies
"What is a Dance Captain?" you ask.
Well, they are the Dance Studs that learn all the dance moves, so they can teach new people.  The call rehearsals when the cast needs to integrate someone new - or when the director isn't happy with them.  Generally, they are the best dancers in the cast.

Which is how I first noticed Ryan Steele, "Specs" in Newsies.  He is great.
And they can move on to choreography, as did Spencer Liff.  I first saw Spencer in Cry Baby, and he was great.  Then I watched Equus - and Spencer worked with movement for the various "horse" men in the show.
Spencer explaining what to do.
Now you can see him occasionally as a choreographer on "So You Think You Can Dance".  I am impressed by these guys.

Spencer (far left) on the horse shoes, with the others in the Equus curtain call.

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