Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ed's mistake is Coco's gain

So Eddie bought new dog beds for Trevor (you can only wash them a few times before the smell doesn't go away).  But he bought a "large", not an extra large.
Trevor does, of course, fit ina  large, but Princess and the Pea shimmies and shakes and scratches and tries to pull it out.  Then stretches as  f..a..r     a....s    h........e     c........a.......n
so he doesn't fit.  Then, he gives Ed the annoyed stink-eye.
I say Ed, because the stink-eye doesn't work on me.   He's got the life, I tell 'ya.  But Ed is buying a new dog bed.  So we gave his - after a day or use - to Coco.  Coco LURVES it.

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