Friday, April 20, 2012

One other thing

So, if you are an avid reader - or happened upon this yesterday afternoon - you might notice a couple of posts are gone.  Yep.
I decided that despite the hierarchy's hatred of my monogamous, committed relationship - Catholic people in particular, and other religious people in general, they aren't responsible for the inconsistent things some in their religion preach; anymore than pregnant women are responsible for Octomom or I am responsible for the crazy gay-pride person who marches in a jockstrap and a rainbow wig or all Jewish people are responsible for the crazy West Bank Settlers who spit on little girls.
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Furthermore, pointing out the asinine things the Cardinal or Pope says - may lead people to think I don't like religious people.  And that just isn't true.  I honestly admire people who take the values of love, charity and peace into their hearts.
I have family and friends that not only believe in God, but follow the precepts of love and duty to others.  They follow the best tenants of religion - and I admire them.
And so, despite what the hierarchy thinks they know about my heart - it is time to give religious people the benefit of the doubt.  And no reason to dwell on the stupid things their leaders sometimes say.  Sure, the Pope still bugs me - but so does Harry Reid, John Boehner, Bill Pullman, David Brooks, the Michigan Wolverines, Regis Philbin, Ann Coulter, Provo, Cote d'Ivorie (don't ask!), Mr. Sparks (10th grade PE), Gloria Alred, the Tree People at Christmas, people who drive the speed limit in the fast lane, everyone in the TSA line ahead of me, people who laugh at the wrong things in movies, people who don't laugh at the right thing in live theater, cats, Bob Dylan, whoever cancelled Firefly, whoever invented Tuesdays, and Bruce Chancey who hated me in 3rd grade and then was at my 7th grade school and hated me there too - even though I was a nice kid.


Lisa said...

i'm sorry but is that the list you keep or just of the top of your head?

Scott said...

Off the top of my head. Oh no, if I have time to make a list... It's gonna be a lot longer!
xoxo Sweetie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hat tip dear. I can personally attest to the fact that you are not a "hater" of religious people in general. In fact, in many respects, you one of the most tolerant people I know. xoxo - svh