Monday, April 23, 2012

Orange - People don't like Orange! What is wrong with them?

Apparently research shows that Orange is not generally liked.  Well, anyone who knows me knows I LURVE orange.

Lucinda Rosenfeld delves into the fascination children have with colors:
"If people want children to act in a calmer way, they should go with blue or another cooler color," [Marilyn Read, an associate professor of design and human environment at Oregon State University] advises. Even little girls’ love affair with the color pink—forever the object of much hand-wringing by parents uneasy with the message it sends—may be innate. "Pink is a color that makes us hungry. It’s also a color that boys like until they’re told not to like it," says Read, who notes just one case in which gender differences in color preference might be nature not nurture: Some researchers suggest that boys tend to prefer yellow-based reds (think: tomatoes), while girls prefer blue-based reds (think: rubies). Both boys and girls tend to dislike orange.


Always loving RED in Wisconsin said...

I think it's just a little ironic that the researcher citing the dislike of the color orange is from Oregon State....who's school colors are....wait for and black. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks for including some powerful thesis statements here (and dropping all that other mumbo-jumbo). Hey, what type of flower is that in the picture? I was trying to identify a shade of orange I saw, and your flower is what it looked like.

Scott said...

It's a hibiscus.

Scott said...
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Scott said...
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