Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trevor Keeping a Eye on the Broom

So, we take Trevor to Hell's Kitchen Groom Room every Tuesday when the cleaner is in the house.  And we told them.
At the Groom Room, they thought we were just being nice, and didn't want the dog underfoot.  They did not realize the depth of his cleaning products hatred - until they tried to sweep up something.
Trevor launches into a terrier frenzy and must KILL the broom (or vacuum or wiping cloth or whatever...)
Trevor is cleaning products' mortal enemy.  Here he is given the broom the evil eye - in case it moves by itself.


Empathetic in Wisconsin said...

Oh Trevor....we all have our afflictions.

Joc said...

I remember the Roomba "incident". I think you should get Victoria Stilwell (It's Me or The Dog) to see if she can help. She films her show in Manhattan and is always looking for new doggie challenges.