Monday, April 02, 2012

Week-end Review

Well,  we had a fun week-end.  Laura and Dan were here - to see Newsies.  You see Laura has loved Newsies since she was a wee one - as has Ed (although in his case, not so wee when it came out).  So when it was in New Jersey, we said if it ever came to New York, she would have to see it.  And it did, and she did.
How was it?  Come on... we loved it (my review is embarrassingly gushing).  It has dancing, singing and fun up the wazoo.  And the crowd, the place whooped and hollered - at the RIGHT times - AFTER the numbers (Jesus Christ Superstar audiences could take a big hint from this one).  For 2 hours, sarcastic snark was off the menu.  It is charmingly earnest - and fun to take a step back into.
What else did we do?  Eat, drink and be merry, of course.  Yesterday we bopped over to the Brooklyn Flea, because it is fun, different and I love the building.
The Brooklyn Flea - yesterday was the last day inside the old Bank..
They move outside for the summer next week.  But I love this place.

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