Thursday, May 10, 2012

Could This Be the Most Spiteful Dog in the World?

Trevor, like all dogs, doesn't like it when someone is leaving.  And, as Ed is going to Washington DC for meetings, he packed his suitcase, and Trevor freaked out.
Eddie called and told me this happened, and I responded, "Great.  Put down the bathroom rugs, cuz there will be poop there when I come home."  Yes, the spiteful little dog craps on command when one leaves.
But Ed says, "No.  I'll take him out for a walk right before I leave.  He'll crap outside."
Or, as it turns out, he'll crap at the end of the walk.  In the Condo Lobby.  In front of everyone.  Forcing a very embarrassed Eddie to his hands and knees, cleaning dog crap in his best Business "Riding the Train" to DC clothes.

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Joc said...

Well, that's embarrassing. It could be worse... my nephew's GSD puppy has now eaten a hole in mattress #2 and is, as I write this, at the vet after drinking a gallon of windshield washer fluid. You see, I suggested that to prevent the dog from eating bedding, my nephew take the dog to work with him until he can find a dog walker or alternative arrangements. Assuming the dog survives (and I suspect he will), there goes another $1200. He'd rather clean up poop.