Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ed won't even let me have a Deer Head on the wall!

So last night I went to a reading and fundraiser for the Fundamental Theater Project, it is was quit fun.  I had some drinks, made some friends, watched a fun reading.
And saw this!
This is Trigger Junior.  The apartment owner had won it in the Roy Rogers Museum Auction!  "Trigger Junior?", you say.  Yes, apparently Trigger Senior went for quite a pretty penny.

Yes, Trigger Jr.  Stuffed
I love the fact he has an entire diorama set up for him.  Actually diorama might be the wrong word, since it isn't behind glass.  But it is cool!

Trigger Junior behind Sam (Fundamental Theater Project)
It isn't nearly as disconcerting as you might think.  FYI, right now Sam is in Tennessee William's In Masks Outrageous And Austere.  Sam is quite good - go see it.


Creeped Out in Wisconsin said...

Trigger Junior ranks up there with the doll collection at House on the Rock (IMO).

Anonymous said...

Isn't Sam's picture a bit ironic, given his whole Equus connection. Trigger Jr. attempting revenge...
By the by, I saw the real stuffed Trigger at the Apple Valley Museum back when Roy and Dale were still alive. I was a tiny lass then. Bullit was stuffed right there along side of him. ...svh

Scott said...

OMG! That is high-larious. I hadn't even thought of that.