Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good For Him

Kudos to President Obama for coming out in favor of gay marriage.  As the recent vote in North Carolina shows, this might not be the most popular position.
Sure, it will open up gay wallets- including mine and Ed.  And sure, anyone who loathes the idea of gay marriage wont' vote for him - but most of them wouldn't have voted for him anyway.  I think (hope) that this isn't a politician defining moment for the great majority of swing voters.  I mean not a lot of people vote for president based on his position on gay rights (and those that would - both pro and con - have long ago made up their minds).  It is a brave position with a lower case "b", but I applaud him and thank him none the less.  o have the President say that my right to marry is as valid as any other law abiding American is great!
But, let's look at what good this might really do (for people, not gay rights).  I think the big winners, if there are any, might be African American gay men and women.  I say this because African Americas are the most invested in this Presidency, and they are some of the most staunchly anti-gay.  It  causes real problems in many African American households, and breaks apart families.
Maybe this can get families and black churches to re-evaluate their strands towards individuals.  I don't expect a voting change - African Americans overwhelmingly vote FOR President Obama and AGAINST gay rights.  But if it helps families stay together, then President Obama has accomplished a lot.

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