Wednesday, May 16, 2012

He's baaaack

George W Bush... the gift that keeps on giving.

Look at this picture.  It is from his event the "Freedom Collection" (from the NYTimes ) At an event less than two blocks from the White House, Mr. Bush gathered former aides and human rights leaders to unveil the “Freedom Collection” sponsored by his public policy institute, an assemblage of interviews with dissidents who took on autocratic regimes.
He can't maintain interest in an event he started.
Now I am sure this picture isn't indicative of Mr. Floppy's level of interest - but it just shows everything I don't really like about him. The smarmy grin.  The wanton disregard for anyone else in the room.  The self-congratulatory stare...
I look at it and think, "At least I know what some Republicans think when they look at Obama."

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