Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Must Say: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a Great Actor

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a lot like Robert Downey Jr. to me.  I can watch both of them, and pretty quickly forget who they are in real life, and totally believe who they "are" in the moment of the movie.
We watched 50/50 last night, and it was NOT the laugh-fest we were promised.  Talk about your poor marketing.
But it was great.  Great enough that even though Ed and I wanted something funny, we couldn't stop watching it.  Even to the point of pausing it while we went to the bathroom (that, FYI, is a sign that someone likes the movie - because you can still hear it in the bathroom - so if it's only OK=kay, you let it run).
He is a great actor.

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Lisa said...

one word! BRICK!