Monday, May 14, 2012

Lesson # 1 - If you are a nun on stage - sing!

So sometimes you review a show, you really have to struggle to not be sarcastic.  I mean, I can be hilariously funny, while being very nasty about a show  - before I started reviewing, but that isn't fair when you are reviewing.  I'm not sure people read or don't read what I say, but I want to provide useful input on what people might want to see.  Not everyone will hate what I hate.. or love what I love..  so I try to point out the positives and the negatives...
I mean, for example, I liked Leap of Faith enough to purchase tickets for friends that are coming out next week.  Turns out, no one else felt the same way - as it closed yesterday!  I have a reviewer friend that LOVED Enron.  He went 3 times - which turned out to be more than 30% of the shows!
But,  have learned some obvious things about life in reviewing - and here is the first:
1. If a nun is in a show - there is a simple rule.

If the Nun sings - she will be okay at the end....
If the Nun doesn't sing - she will suffer horribly OR die OR both.
Don't believe me.
Sister Act : Happy Nun

Ave Q - Happy Smack Singing Nun
Newsies also has a  singing nuns - but no pictures...
Then there are the non-singing nuns.
Sister Rita - The Runner Stumbles (dead by the end)

Agnes (of God) - Crazy - then Dead.

Doubt - Bitch at the End

Kathleen Turner - Alcoholic Nun whose cousin dies
and she works with AIDS and Meth patients

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