Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Birthday Present has arrived

My birthday present has arrived... finally!!!
Ed got me a special jellyfish tank - and jellyfish were finally in stock.  Here are a couple pictures.
This is the tank.  You can see tow of the jellies on the left side.

Two of the Jellyfish, with the blue backlight.  Cool huh?


PB&Jellied in Wisconsin said...

Yes! I want one too....but what exactly does one feed a Jellyfish? Peanut butter and white bread?

lisa said...

wow - take that in what ever post-modernist/ironic way you wish!

Joc said...

While I get the cool factor of these transparent animals - a living lava lamp - being a SCUBA diver, gotta say I hate these things with a passion. Nothing worse than being continually stung by invisible bits. And yes, what do you feed them, aside from each other?

Anonymous said...

You feed them small chunks of SCUBA divers


Anonymous said...

Heavenly cool! If there be such a thing!!! F