Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sights I will see this week!!!

So we are off to Istanbul tomorrow.  I am very excited.  The two things I love to seeing most of all (aside from land after an 11+ hour plane ride) is the Hagia Sophia - the Byzantine Church, and the Blue Mosque.  They are both right near our hotel - which is great, we are only in Istanbul about a day and a half.
The Hagia Sophia.  A church from Byzantine times 537 AD.  It was the largest church in the world until the 1600s.
It was converted into a Mosque in the 1400s, when the minarets were added.  In 1931 it became a museum.
The Blue Mosque (it's not this blue it is a trick of the light and Photoshop).
Finished in 1616 when Istanbul was the Capital of the Ottoman Empire.

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Watching from Afar in Wisconsin said...

Have an amazing time, guys. It all looks incredibly interesting. I'm personally amazed by the things civilizations built so very long ago before hydraulic cranes.