Thursday, May 10, 2012

What to get Ed for Christmas... Too Late.

Ever wonder why it's hard to think of what to get Ed for a gift.  Because if it is cool enough that he wants it I have either purchased it for him, or watched him purchase it.
And now to add to the Dyson Air Circulator (I have serial number 90something) I have purchased him a new Nike Fuel Band.  You may say I am the best boyfriend (husband) ever - and you would be right.  But not because of this.  You see, I purchased one for me.
It is this very cool band that goes on your wrist, counts calories, steps, "fuel" all day, and displays how close you are to your daily goal for calorie burning via cute little red / yellow / green lights than move up. Press it again, and it shows the time, before going back to the awesome jet black wrist band (not a bracelet).
And when I got it, Ed was fascinated (I was going to say intreagued, but I can't get closes enough for spell checker to help me).  Then, when he saw working, he wanted one.  I said - with a line that was correct, but not entirely truthful - "I didn't want you to think I was telling you to work out."  Which would have been true, had I really thought of it.  But in reality I didn't know how fun it would be.
Eddie responded, "Look at it!  It is the fanciest, gayest thing ever!  of course I want one."
I got his yesterday at the Nike Store in New York.  Thank goodness they sell them here - as having it delivered was 7 - 10 days (no rush available).  And only sold in person at NikeTown New York.
FYI - Totally Fancy Gay & Totally Cool.  These are pictures of mine.
Nike Fuel (it's morning and I am low on my goal)

Time (it's almost 10:00 AM - see it is morning!)

Stylish, Cool and (yes) Fancy


lisa said...

oh wow and oh my god - i worry about the pair of you.

Joc said...

I just read about these yesterday and thought they were cool.

Scott said...

They are ... oh so cool!