Friday, June 22, 2012

Australian Hockey: Kobie McGurk

When I was at UCLA, I worked with quite a female Hockey players.  Of course, in the USA (and no doubt Canada) it is called "Field Hockey" to distinguish it from the professional game.
It was a rough and tumble world.  Meet Kobie Mcgurk.  An Aussie Hockey player who is rough and tough with the best of them.  Apparently she was injured right before the 2008 games.  She rehabbed and came back in time to lead the team to a 5th place finish.
Kobi not only looks good at this, but like she is having a ball.

She is on the London team and they look to improve.  And, to Perron's comment, she is a physically fit young lady - no derogatory sexual innuendo intended.  It is a sport I have never seen live, outside of the UCLA games (I was invited to watch the intercollegiate games - they were not any NCAA or NWIA games at that time).
I also LOVE these pictures at Bondi Beach. Three of the Women's Hockey team were shooting a promo at Bondi and they got dunked.  Rather than getting all pissed off, they just laughed and had fun with it.
Kate Hollywood (yes really) Casey Eastham & Kobie Mcgurk - pre-dump
After the lifeguards boo-boo'ed bringing them in.

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Waltzing Matilda in Wisconsin said...

I love the Aussies! The whole deal with the gals getting dunked at the photo shoot and laughing it off befits what I think of regarding the good people of Australia. Maybe that's the new country Mary and I will move to when things to go hell in a hangbag here. The Aussies certainly have good attitudes about living life and fun that comes with it. The way they closed "The 2000 Games" in Sydney with a giant sing-a-long exemplifies this I think. One of those teary happy Olympic moments for me.