Friday, June 29, 2012

Did you think I would forget Andreas Thorkildsen

Kids, a count down of non-US athletes at the Olympics wouldn't be a Scooter original if it didn't include Andreas Thorkildsen.  He is the Norwegian 2 time defending Gold Medal holder of the Javelin (from Athens and Beijing).
In Athens
Eddie and I saw him in Beijing - where after every throw he would change from his jersey to his lucky shirt.
Andreas has a smile to like the place up.
He has even more riding on this particular games though, as he is now pretty much Norway's only Gold Medal hope.
Norway's 100 Meter Breaststroke World Champion, Alexander Dale, died while training two weeks ago.  He had a hereditary heart condition that people didn't know of until he died in Arizona, training for the Olympics.
As Andreas and Alex were friends (both trained in the US, Dale in Arizona and Andreas in San Diego), Anderas was questioned about it a lot.  He has responded that at Alexander Dale died doing what he loved.
In Beijing
And Andreas said he would continue to compete as long as it was fun and he could compete at the level he expects to.
How he looks now.
Andreas seems to have a great attitude about sport and life.  I hope for the best for him.  He has made me enjoy watching the Javelin.  I just hope he brings his lucky shirt again.
Andreas in Italian Men's Vogue in 2011


"Spearheading" a Question from Wisconsin said...

You already know I'm a fan of Javelin....even though I've never seen it live and only sparingly on TV. I do wonder; with it being so obscure as a track & field event, how does someone get started in it? I've heard that in rowing the coaches scout out tall, strong, athletic types on college campuses (OK...lots of people scout out tall, strong, athletic types on college campuses...for purposes other than rowing...but I digress)

Seriously, how and where do javelin coaches recruit their all-stars? Are there summer youth javelin camps?

Scott said...

I don't know how they scout Javelin guys. But, to your point, when I first went to USC in the Navy ROTC (so MANY things wrong with that comment - but they are all true) I was approached by the crew coach because I was a tall, skinny guy.
In retrospect, I was stupid beyond belief because I was so shy I said no. I should have done it, I had to get up at the crack of dawn anyway to march around in my little uniform.

Scott said...

ps - I tweeted Andreas to see if he would tell me. I'll let you know if he answers

Always an Olympic Hopeful from Wisconsin said...

I'm waiting on the edge of my seat to find out.

Round Off Back Handspring from Wisconsin said...

BTW - this short, semi-muscular guy was never approached by the crew team in college. I should have gotten into gymnastics a a yute. I think I would have enjoyed that a lot....and I'd have a rockin' body too. :)