Saturday, June 23, 2012

Library Today

Today we went to the New York Public Library today and saw a great show about Lunch.  I know that sounds weird, but it was great.  It is about the transformation of the mid-day work meal into a scheduled  lunch hour as more and more workers became office workers in New York.
And it is really immersive.  See the Pictures (select to enlarge)
You enter into a set of store fronts - different stories in each.

These are pictures from Sardies, the first restaurant that was air-conditioned.
I do LOVE the ceiling.  How cool is this (first floor of the NYC Public Library)

Each food tray had a story about school lunches.
What was introduced in what year and why.

This was about making lunches at home and taking it to work.

This was like a soup area where you could buy a can and have it heated up in 2 minutes.

They had put in an Automat and you could see both sides.
Apparently the New York Public Library also has the largest collection of menus in the world.  IN fact, you can logon and transcribe menu pictures into entries in your spare time.
I got say, I find most everything better in LA or I can make the comparisons.  There is no comparison to the New York Public Library in overall breath and presentation in the country.  Seriously.

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Montana said...

I remember the automats when we were there when I was six ! Loved them and the train trip from NYC to LA that same time. Love the NYC library !