Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pentathlon: Oscar Soto from Mexico

Oscar Soto qualified for the Modern Pentathlon by winning the Pan Am Games.  He is a Mexican Athlete and all around stud.
After winning the Pan Am Games

And by all around stud, I mean not Stud - as in hot (although he is a looker), but Stud as in amazingly versatile.  This is what the Pentathlon is at the London Olympics
Modern pentathlon contains five events; pistol shootingépée fencing, 200 m freestyle swimmingshow jumping, and a 3 km cross-country run.[3] These will be the first Olympic Games in which the running and shooting events are combined; athletes face three rounds of shooting each followed by a 1 km run. Each of the three rounds of firing, athletes have to shoot five targets, loading the gun after each shot; they may then resume running. Misses are not penalised, but exceeding a maximum total time of 70 seconds will result in a penalty.
That is a lot of stuff to do.  And Oscar seems to pull it off easily.
Pistol Shooting
Jumping with the Horse
200 Meter Swim

Getty Glamour Shot of him getting ready to Fence.

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Penta-what? in Wisconsin said...

What an interesting combination of sports. They should have put the catapult and damsel rescueing into the mix somehow. :)

Regarding Oscar - I like his swim cap. Cheeky.