Monday, June 25, 2012

Politics and the Supreme Court

See, I don't want to say the Supreme Court is overly political.  Mainly because I don't want to believe it.  I mean, I want them to try to hide their political affiliation.  But in his dissent from the Arizona Immigration decision, Justice Scalia read from the bench - and he complained about President Obama's decision to grant work permits to children that were brought to the USA by their parents, have lived here more than 5 years, never got in trouble, and graduated high school, college or were in the military.

This decision on Arizona Immigration doesn't have anything to do with this, per say.  He just decided that he has the world's attention as they wait for him to screw up ObamaCare - and so he will take this opportunity to bash the President.
And no, it doesn't happen all the time.  And no, they didn't do it to Bush 1, 2 or Reagan.  And yes, it does denigrate the Supreme Court which we expect to arbitrate fairly.  Does anyone think that Justice Scalia will have an open mind when this comes before him?  Or that he doesn't have President Obama?

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