Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today's Athlete: Estonia's Andres Raja

So Decathletes are a good looking bunch (don't believe me, check out Brian Clay - the US athlete who is the defended Olympic Gold Medal holder).  There are lots of cuties in the Decathlon (and for women the Heptathlon).  This is Andres Raja, a record holder from Estonia.

FYI - I am focussing on men because there are a lot of female commentators that think spotlighting attractive female competitors is degrading to women.
But these are not just cuties, they are amazing athletes who work hard.  They are not only fun to look at, it is amazing to watch them in their athletic endeavors.  I only wish I could run, jump and throw like Mr. Raja.
Andres Raja on the right.

Javelin time.

One of the things I really love about the Decathlon is that these guys have to be good in lots of things.  Including shot put, javelin, hurdles, sprints and distance running.  It's amazing.


Olympic Spirit in Wisconsin said...

I find javelin very intriguing. I don't know why. Maybe it's my primative brain telling me it's cool to throw a spear. What I do know is that Olympic level athletes can hurl that thing like nobody's business. The jevelin throw should get more TV time in my opinion. I would not want to be the dudes in the field marking the throws. They must have great insurance policies.

As for Andres from Estonia...what a cool name. Andres Raja. It's so fittingly European sounding.

Scott said...

I agree, I find the javelin intriguing as well. Isn't that odd? We got to see it in Beijing, and I HAD a (little) crush on the winner (Andreas Thorkildsen from Norway). It was really cool see. It looks like an extra credit event - because the start on the track and run across the barriers and it's just odd. They throw in between races...

Weird, but fun.

Beholder from Wisconsin said...

OK - So I was thinking.....which we all know is a dangerous endeavor, but I digress....

If spotlighting attractive female competitors is degrading to women, then spotlighting attractive male competitors must be degrading to men. Nah. Somehow I think the dudes love the attention. Men are far more vain than women.

Anywho....Maybe none of the commentary is degrading at all, but just the opposite. Maybe the commentary is honoring these fine specimens because we're in awe of the human body - male or female - that is so incredibly fit and doing incredible physical feats. We've all heard that the human body is beautiful, but let's be honest. Some are more beautiful than others even if beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So keep the spotlights on various athletes coming, Scooter...male and female. Especially people from countries we don't often hear much about in the typical newsday. I find that interesting too.

What's in a Name from Wisconsin said...

Andreas Thorkildsen from Norway . . .Please tell me he was in the Hammer Throw as well with a name like that. Does he have a ship and does he have relatives in Minnesota?

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