Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vasilij Žbogar: Solvenia's Sailor going for the Hat Trick

Vasilih Zbogar is a cutie.  He will compete for the Solvenia Sailing Team for the 3rd time.
In 2004 in won a Bronze medal and in 2008 he won a Silver medal.
In Beijing and LA (the 2 Summer Olympics I attended) I never got the chance to see Sailing.  I don't know where they were in Beijing, but I think they were up in Ojai at the 1984 games.
He doesn't really look like a "Vasilij" does he?

It is an awfully little boat, right.  I think he is competing in a larger one this time.

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Anchors away in Wisconsin said...

Personally, I think it's more exciting to be a sailor that to watch sailors...unless you're Scooter, Ed, or Hobbs during Fleet Week. Hahaha!