Thursday, June 21, 2012

Well.. Here we have the Horns of the Dilemma

Ladies and Germs, here we have the horns of the Dilemma.  I am NOT criticizing the Southern Baptists - but I am trying to make a point.
At the latest Southern Baptist jamboree they have passed a few resolutions:
1. Same Sex marriage is sinful
2. All sexual relationships outside of marriage are sinful
3. (Implicit in the Bible: Thou shalt not lie or bare false witness).
So, no matter what I do, as an honest man, I am sinful.  Created by God as only capable of expressing love sinfully.  I COULD lie and marry a woman - but when that sin is exposed it would devastate not only myself, but my wife and any children.
And so, if I was explaining myself to the Southern Baptists, I would say - I choose to honor God with honest heart and a covenant with a partner created in God's image.  I will treat myself,. my partner and his family with the same love and honesty I hope God would show me.
Someday, maybe the Southern Baptists will come around.  Or maybe God will remove the same gender attraction from all of his creatures.  Either way, the southern Baptists and honest Gay men and women will have to learn to tolerate each other politely.  Go safely Baptists and remember I didn't vote in North Carolina to take away YOUR rights.


Naming the Obvious in Wisconsin said...

They best be careful....They're hate is peaking out from under their choir robes.

Yep - Haters with a sugar coating.

Grammarian from Wisconsin said...

oops...Their hate....

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it's all hate. I think it's fear as much as anything. And not just fear of homosexuality. There's added fear of not conforming within your faith community and displeasing God. You know that song from South Pacific "You have to be taught to hate"? The good news is that anything learned can be unlearned. Jesus was not a "hater", quite the opposite. svh