Sunday, July 15, 2012

French Archery Team: Quite a range

Romain Girouille  - the experience
I am not sure of all their ages, but it seems pretty damn wide to me.
I am copying the blurbs from the Archery announcement, and will only add, young Geal is 16.

The French Archery Federation (FFTA) has announced that the archers selected to represent France at the London Olympic Games are Thomas FAUCHERON, Romain GIROUILLE and Gael PREVOST. The women’s selection will be known only after the Ogden World Cup at the end of June.
The French men’s Olympic team was announced following the European Championships that ended in Amsterdam on 26 May. The archers selected for the London Games are Thomas FAUCHERON, Romain GIROUILLE and Gael PREVOST. The alternate will be Thomas AUBERT.
Thomas Faucheron
Before London, the three archers will compete at the World Cup Stage 3 in Ogden (USA) from 18-24 June. The French men’s team was second at the European Championships in 2008 (with Romain GIROUILLE), and was silver medallist at the last two World Championships in 2009 (Thomas AUBERT, Romain GIROUILLE, Jean-Charles VALLADONT) and 2011 (Romain GIROUILLE, Gael PREVOST, Jean-Charles VALLADONT).

And, according to an interview in a french magazine, doesn't have a internet connection or watch TV.  He is - according to a bad translation - a UFO.  I think they mean he lives an unusual life (alien to modern things).
Gael Prevost - the Youngster
Thomas Faucheron - the newest addition to the team


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