Monday, July 30, 2012

I WAS totally over my Ruskie thing...

I was totally over my Russian thing, until Mr. Pink Shorts, Andrey Gechin, showed up in the 4 x 100 free.
They work on him.
Andrey lead his team to the Bronze.


Jingle balls-I mean bells from Wisconsin said...

Seriously? Blue eyes (goggles) and hot pink plum smugglers?
That's what he chose to wear on the Olympic stage? I think it's a statement of some sort, so maybe you're in luck, Scooter.

Then again, maybe Ed will find his own set of blue goggles and hot pink plum smugglers under the Christmas tree...

Scott said...

Actually Ed refuses to dress up in the sexy-time clothes I buy for him. To date, a pair of crystal blue speedos, a Russian camo outfit as well as a jeans / blue striped button down shirt have been summarily ignored.
I shudder to anticipate his reaction to bright pink hot pants.

Russkie from Wisconsin said...

Oh my.....poor you and poor shy, innocent Eddie.

Truth be told, I'd be down with the Russian camoflauge outfit...I mean for me...not for Ed. It's sounds so very "Hunt for Red October" :)