Monday, July 02, 2012

Saina Nehwal : Indian Badminton Champ!

If you haven't watched a Brit, Pakistani or Indian play Badminton, you haven't really seen Badminton.
They play with zeal, speed and a killer instinct that is miles away from the picnic pickup game that most Americans grew up with.
This is Saina Nehwal, 2nd or 3rd ranking woman's player in the world and a celebrity in her home country of India.  She represented the country at the Beijing Olympics and will do so again in London.

I played a little when I was working in England.  What I thought would be a boring lunch hour hit around, turned into a in-your-face duel to the death that I quickly fell out of.  (We played round robin, and it was like my turn was a second rest period for the 2 guys).
Saina, a lovely young lady also is a minor celebrity and the traditional picture is from India's Fashion Week.
Fashion Forward Saina


Birdie in Wisconsin said...

Yes...REAL badminton is incredibly fun to watch versus the hacks at the family reunion. I actually have a friend from years ago that won the gold medal at the Gay Games. I never knew he was into badminton until he had info about it on "The Facebook"

venu gopala swamy Narla said...
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Scott said...


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Anonymous said...

Saina earns Rs.15 crores per year which us The highest Grosser for a Badminton player which also exceeds China's Lin Dyan (Rs.12.5 crore per year!) and Samia mirza too..!!!
"Saina is the highest earning woman player in india..!"