Wednesday, July 04, 2012

USA Decathletes: Ashton Eaton & Trey Hardee

Brian Clay - reigning Olympic Decathlon champion, didn't make the Olympic team.  He missed a few hurdles and missed making the team.  Which is just heartbreaking.  Decathlon is tough tough sport that way.
In Beijing, Trey Hardee (more on him later) missed his Pole Vault - after making it a million times, and he was out.
But, that is the process they signed up for - hard as it is.  The break-out star this year was Ashton Eaton - an Oregonian born young man - who competed at Oregon.  Ashton set a new world record in the US trials.
He is only the second man to break the 9000 point barrier.
Ashton at Oregon

Ashton in Vogue.

Trey Hardee, who fouled out in Beijing, locked up the second slot.  He is going back to London to try to medal - competing for 2 Olympic games in a very hard sport.
Looking very buff.

In Beijing

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