Thursday, August 02, 2012

Apparently it never is "Last Chance..."

Jabara and Donna faux fight over
the Oscar for Last Dance
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should....
The York Theater - creators of some great and some lousy shows, are prepping a new musical called "Last Dance".
Yes, that "Last Dance".
It features the music of Paul Jabara - who wrote, Last Dance, Enough is Enough (the Babs / Donna Duet), It's Raining Men - and many more.
Book (that is the pieces between the songs) by the guy who wrote Lord of the Rings : The Musical (you didn't miss it, it only played in Toronto on this side of the Atlantic).
Book Adaptation of Lord of the Rings : The Musical
And direction by the guy who directed SPIDERMAN: Turn Off The Dark. (Yes the title is spelt that way - so you don't confuse it with the other Spider-Men).  That did surprise me, because after Julie Tamore left I just assumed they threw the pages into a mix master and left the cast go wild.  Who knew?

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