Sunday, August 12, 2012

I like Paul Ryan as a VP pick - for the right reasons (I think)

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So they picked Paul Ryan (and by "they" I mean the Mitt Romney team) as Vice Presidential pick.  I really like it.
I think Paul Ryan has a blueprint for where the Republicans want the country to go.  Cut taxes more, end Medicare as we have it now and turn it into block grants to the state, essentially remove the government from doing most anything except support a bloated (and expanding) military.
This isn't my vision for the future - at all, but it is a coherent vision - something that Mitt Romney hasn't presented.  And it is a debate we should have as a group.  Sure I worry we will have split answer, but at least it is an honest choice.
That won't be how it is presented, it will be sound-bite to who hates old people or poor people more - but in a democracy the real facts are fully out there.  And Ryan's plan is at least a debatable option.  Now is the time for the Democrats / President Obama to put their ideas into a coherent plan that can be judged against Ryan's.  You can't just say it is a bad idea - without giving your competing vision.  Well, you can, but I would prefer an "Option B" to compare it to.

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