Monday, August 06, 2012

Is it just me, or is Bob Costas' new face giving anyone else the Heebie Jeebies

When I watched Bob Costas right before the Olympic games started, on his top 30 Olympic Moments, I thought the lighting was really bad.  I assumed that without Dick Ebersol in place, perhaps the quality had gone down a  little on the telecast.
But no.  The lighting was a gift so we could all ease into Bob's new face and hair.  You know the unnaturally brown hair, the sandblasted face that is movement free above the nose.  Kids, have we learned nothing from Nicole Kidman and Joan Rivers.  Pay top dollar for face work.  Seriously Bob, you make a freakin' mint of money - you could have afforded better.
With wringles
You're sixty, you could have eased into a "touch-o-grey" rather than hit the bottle titled "Sassy Brunette".  And I know you are proud of the new layer of skin that has never seen the sun, but baby-ass 101 is NOT a natural skin tone.  Have the HighDef make-up artist hit you with a little Covergirl, Albino #3 to give you some color.
It is particularly creepy when he goes to a "human interest story" and can neither show interest nor look particularly human.

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