Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nincompoopery of the highest order

Poor Republican Kevin Yoder (Kansas).
I honestly don't know how this became a big deal.  If you aren't in America (with our fascination of Israel and our slightly puritanical views on nudity) you might not have heard of this "scandal".  It is, as nakid scandals go, hardly worth it.  But it involves a Representative from one of our most conservative states, and so it has blown up. (Because there is no real news, or war in Afghanistan or economic problems to report on...).
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One Kevin Yoder, conservative Republican, was on a Congressional Junket to Israel.  Not really doing business or fact finding, just hanging out and getting some free grub and a trip, along with other Congressmen (both Republican and Democratic) and their wives.  At a dinner on the Sea of Galilee, a bunch of guys got drunk and decided to go for a dip.  Kev didn't have his suit, so he skinny dipped.
That's it.
That's the "scandal".
Now in Kansas he has committed two sins.  The first is showing that he had a penis and wasn't flat like a Ken doll.  I mean they know that in Kansas - but you don't ever show it.  The second (and one assumes, bigger) sin was doing this on the very same body of water that Jesus walked on 2,000 years ago.  Apparently taking a dip in this water is honorable, taking a dip in the water without the extra yard of fabric is sacrilegious.  FYI - this happened a year ago, so one assumes that if God was pissed off, he would have let someone know.
And we in American have been talking about this now for days.  Quelle Scandel.  Oye vey.


WWJD in Wisconsin said...

WWJD: I think Jesus would have skinny dipped too....afterall...he did like his wine and he liked hanging out with his buddies (disciples). But instead of shedding the toga and making a splash in his birthday suit he had to one up everyone and show off with that water walking trick. Whatever, Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Well this it the FIRST I've heard of this scandal but then I don't get a paper and I'm uncertain as to what channel Fox news is on so I'm way out of the loop. I totally agree with WWJD in Wisconsin. --svh