Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vistors & Open News

Allen, Katherine and Me on the Highline
Well, my old work compadre, Katherine, was here with her new boyfriend, Allen.  They came to see the city in general, and the US Open in particular.  Allen played college tennis at CSU Stanislaus (I thing that was it).
Allen was a great guy, and I am thrilled for Katherine.
Lleyton on Court 13 yesterday.
They were here for a few days and left Wednesday.
Today I saw my old boss from Thomson Reuters (Eddie gave him and his wife a tour).  And on the tour (which I went on too), we saw Lleyton Hewitt off court.  I contained myself and didn't take a picture.
Speaking of Lleyton, his win yesterday (which I saw) was his first at the US Open in 3 years.  He won in 2001, but has had a lot of problems since, including a brand new metal brace in big toe and trouble moving.

Marty Fish on Center Court
Today I watched Marty Fish play, coming back from arrhythmia surgery this year.  It was a crack up, because a couple of really drunk women showed up starting in Set#4 and were just screaming idiotic things.  Like "That's a Big Fish!" "Great Shot Marty" after the opponent double faulted.   It was funny and a little embarrassing.  There answer to someone who sushed them?  "You should hear us at a football game!"

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