Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cloud City Today

I went to the Met today (the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and took a quick tour.  It was amazing, a tour guide explained 10 works of art in detail - in various areas of the museum.  It is a combo familiarization with the museum / detailed look at 10 unexpected masterpieces.
Afterwards, I went to the roof to see Thomas Saraceno's installation, "Cloud City".
It is an odd jungle gym / hall of mirrors installation that offers glimpses of the city as you wander through a mirror / clear honeycomb of cages.  It does, in a limited and interesting space, what the Richstag Dome by Norman Foster does to Berlin - confuses the spacial perceptions so that you see landscape as art.
It was cool!
This is as you approach Cloud City.  It looks simple

The Entrance

Looking at it head on.

A view from inside.

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