Sunday, September 23, 2012

FYI : We did NOT like "Master"

Great acting and beautiful cinematography does NOT save it

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. I'm a huge Phillip Seymour Hoffman fan. A couple of weeks ago I was in an all-day screenplay workshop with the founder of Bluecat Screenplay competition. His name is Gordy. He walked in and started talking and I thought "Man, this guy sounds just like Phillip Seymour Hoffman". I almost told him that a couple of times. After lunch I was looking at him and I thought "Gosh he has the same body type as PSH...". The next morning I looked up Gordy's film histoy in IMBD and realized he is PSH's brother. The fact they had the same last name hadn't registered with me until then. Geez, talk about a senior/blonde moment! --svh

Scott said...

Well, I did say "great acting did not save it". PSH was excellent. Joaquin was very good as well, but maybe a bit over-effected. A surprisingly understated Amy Adams did perfect with a small role.

You might think differently - I just found way too much "art for art's sake not for story". Now, I did have 2 problems, the first was wildly inflated expectations - I had heard it was great. 2nd, I don't know much (or care much) about Scientology - so that whole storyline bored me. The storyline is obtuse as well, probably for fear of offending Scientologists.