Saturday, September 01, 2012

Happy, Happy & Embarrassed

Hilary, Joseph and poor Jerry.
So this picture is in the New York Times today.  It is from a story about (I kid you not) a Minneapolis Film Festival of Internet Cat Videos.
Maybe the story is more interesting that it sounds, I refused to read it and thereby justify the use of column inches on it.
However, I was struck and fascinated by this picture.  It is Hilary Hubanks, Joseph E. McGreevy and Jerry Woulf "show their fur".  Hilary looks into it.  Joseph looks like he is semi-enjoying this because Hilary promised him a little down and dirty action after the show.  Jerry looks like the pathetic wing-man that has, belated, only now found out what he is in for ("No, really, it'll be fun").
Poor Jerry.

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