Thursday, September 13, 2012

If it is a choice between helping Vets & passing something - Republicans are against it

There is a Veterans Jobs Bill that has bi-partisan support and could be passed and signed.  If it could get a vote.
But Republicans (this time Paul Rand and Mitch McConnell both R-KY) have filibustered it until (wait for it), the Pakistan Government releases the Doctor that helped identify Bin Laden from jail.  Because ... well there is no reason except they are afraid passing anything will help Obama.
So Veterans, Farmers, our budget - it is all being thrown under the bus by Republicans so they can screw Obama.  The fact that Americans get screwed at the same time - they are hoping no one notices.
(LINK for Veterans Bill filibuster.  LINK for Farm Bill filibuster.)

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Calling them out in Wisconsin said...

Agreed. Assholes. I'll sharing this little tidbit with my Facebook friends because while most of them are progressive thinkers and doers such as myself, some think the Romney/Ryan ticket is a good choice because ...wait for it...Paul Ryan does his P90X every day and he's dreamy ). There's some good thinking....because yep...the goal in November is to elect a new national minister (Mormon dude) and PE teach (Mr. P90X)