Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh - It's been broughten!

Last night (on our anniversary) Eddie and I went to see Bring It On - The Musical!
I don't know if there was an exclamation point in the actual title, but there should have been if there wasn't.
It was a little different from the movie, but it was full of jumps kicks and overwrought songs.  Kids, it was just what the doctor ordered.
AND with Neil Haskell from SYTYCD Season 3 - and all stars season.  His part wasn't huge, and he played dumb.  But, they did bring him in shirtless and he still proves that dancers have almost no body fat.
Tuman High (with the girl in front before she is redistricted)

Jackson High (with the two alpha-gals including the blond
post redistricting)

The blond (Taylor Louderman) and SYTYCD's Neil Haskell

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