Monday, October 15, 2012

Ah.,. Back Home with the Proposition Ads....

While I do miss home, I don't miss the plethora of ads on the propositions.  California is a totally BLUE state, so there are no Romney / Obama ads, but just in the car from the airport to the hotel (about 5 minutes!) I have heard ads on Prop 30 and Prop 38 (competing school funding measures), Prop 39 (corporate taxes) but the big ones are all on Prop 37.
If you listen to the "Pro" side, it is all about requiring genetically modified food to be labelled as such.  The "Anti" side says it is a "hidden food tax", will put "small farmers" out of business - it is somehow simultaneously unnecessary, uninformative AND deceiving.  But my favorite is the "paid for" at the end.  It lists, "Paid For by Californians against Bureaucracy, Local Farmers, Small Business cooperatives and the California Supermarket Association", then is a quick aside it says "major funding by Monsanto and Dupont".
Ah... home.

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