Saturday, October 13, 2012

Is It Wrong to Hope It Falls into the F'ing Ocean?

"Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes". (LINK for those of you with too much money and not enough sense).
It is a beautiful resort on the shores of Palos Verdes.  To build it all they had to do was close MarineLand, then demolish a major sea wildlife rescue station.
Although to be honest, the clsoing of Marineland was down via SeaWorld in San Diego - when they couldn't drive Marineland out of business they simply bought the park, you know "to operate it", shipped off Corky and Orky and closed the place.
Then Marineland facility became a pre emanate wildlife rescue station.
Terranea is also offerring lots for sale there - which of course they promised never to do when they closed the wildlife rescue station.  To get there you drive past Portuguese Bend. You will know where Portuguese Bend is because it is a brand new road.  Brand new every few months because since 1960 the entire slope and the houses have been sliding into the ocean at the rate of about a foot every few months - so the road is rebuilt 2 or 3 times a year.
And stay!  Really enjoy the view.  You get it maybe after 3PM.  Otherwise, this lovely spot on the Pacific is pretty much eternally in fog.  Except in the middle of winter, when it is cold over the land and over the ocean.  Seriously.  Page through all their pictures and remember that this is a promontory and if there is any land in the distance, you are looking east.  There are no pictures that way where the sun is there - because it is always always always foggy in the day.  If you see just ocean you are looking west into beautiful sunsets.  If you see an island, you are looking south (that is Catalina), again the sun will never be in the left of the island because that means before noon..
Maybe, since it is advertised as "L.A's Ocean Front Resort", you might want to go to LA - plan on an extra 45 minutes to an hour before you get to any freeway.  Once you drive from Palos Verdes
 - through Palos Verdes Estates,
   - through Rolling Hills Estates,
     - through Redondo Beach, through Torrance and
       - finally 1/2 way through Gardena,
         - you are at the 405 - which is just bumper to bumper until you get to
            - the Harbor / 111 freeway North and go through Watts / South Central into downtown LA.  Where it is only another 30 minutes to Hollywood.
Of course Disneyland (where the kiddies will want to go) is the same route, only instead of going up the 111 to Downtown, you take the 405 to
 - the 111North
   - to the 91 West through
     - North Long Beach,
      - Bellflower,
       - Cerritos (wave hello to my old High School, Gahr, right at the 91 / 605 intersection),
        - Cyprus,
         - pass into Orange County,
          - go West onto the 5 South in Buena Park (NEVER any traffic at that intersection) and get off at Harbor Blvd.
But why do that when you can lay out in the fog and be haunted byt he ghosts of all the seals, sea lions and pelicans that are dead because your tacky-ass resort closed one of the few places where people took care of animals.

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Anonymous said...

Good Lord man, I was reading your driving instructions for accuracy....LOL and realized that I lived in all cities, areas mentioned after Compton. Have I mention we moved a lot? ---svh