Friday, October 19, 2012

My young nephew Sean (pictured to the left in Africa) is all grow'd up and playing in a band.  Here is the review from a local Minnesota Radio blog.
It's available here

Here’s a brand new band in the community, and big thanks to the guys in Phantom Vibration for spreading the information around to get people on board. Gloss is what you would expect from the name: swirling guitar lines doused in dream pop inspired reverb. The song “Front Porch” really hearkens back to the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, an act we haven’t heard from in what will be two years at the start of 2013. So let’s let Gloss fill the void that Pains has left in their absence.
And Gloss succeeds in an impressive fashion. For a group just starting out, this five-piece is already getting written-up across the blogosphere, and they have a great support base between students at the UofM and Macalester, both schools which have been busting out some hot new bands at an alarming rate.
Stream: Gloss - "Front Porch"
Here is a link to the new single released today - Front Porch by Gloss:

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