Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Rose Ware would just die!

So Rose Ware is an amazing real estate agent.  (She sold us 2 homes and sold for us 3 houses - I love Rose - her site ) - but that isn't the point of this.
The point is, when you took pictures of your house in LA, Rose (and most other agents) de-cluttered the place.  The idea is that the busier or messier, the less room the buyer has to picture themselves there.
This is NOT the case in New York!
This says: Not enough room in the cupboards for spices, pots or pans.
And, if the floor they show looks like this, what is under the cat bowl.
So much is wrong with this picture.  At least close the cupboards and take the RAID off the counter.  And the phone with the  cord that reaches everywhere in the kitchen.  That is so "Rosanne Connor" 1987!
Wait, it not suppose to be kitsch?  Oh my.

If you like the look of this room - wait for the smell.  It is eau d' cat & teen-age hormones.

Dont' get me wrong, I love ducks more than the next boy, but this room says "cold".  So cold even the ducks are by the fire.  Plus, what is with all the magazines?  And... that white thing on the right, doesn't that usually go over the toilet bowl?  What is it doing over the extra end table or night stand.
This is the room where old furniture goes to die.  Either clean it up or don't take the picture.

Sissy doesn't want to move.  Fine!  If the real estate guy wants to take a picture, take it.  NOW!  Take it and get out!  (Sissy is trying to hurry the agent along because her boyfriend is hiding inside that little door and he is getting a cramp.)

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