Thursday, November 01, 2012

No More "Gutty Little Bruins"

Gutty Little Bruins Traditional Version
I guess if you are trying to move on from your tradition as the "gutty little bruins", you have to change your outlook and your look.
The old uniforms were Baby Blue & Gold (because UCLA was the 2nd campus - and University of California, Berkeley is Blue & Gold).  Our new uniform is - I suppose - more intimidating, but less Bruiny.
By the way, only University of California, Berkeley can be "comma".  UCLA, UCI etc are all University of California at Los Angeles or University of California at Irvine.  Which is why Berkeley insists on being called "Cal".
New "tougher" uniforms


Metalica in Wisconsin said...

I think I would have liked them to keep some metalic gold trim...and the helmets. True... it's a little like Notre Dame...but it's also part of the UCLA tradition.

But what do I know.....

Anonymous said...

where is the power blue??