Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Fascination with sea birds....

If you don't know, I love penguins.  I assume you do know if you have read this blog at all because, well, I am not subtle.  So two things.  First, while visiting Aldona and Joe in florida we saw some great birds, including this one right outside of their house.
Now the second is a little odd.  Last night I was having this bizarre annoying dream where my father was being difficult.  If you had known him when he was alive, you would understand.  He was just being, you know, the annoying center of attention, liar that he could be at times.  And I wanted to strangle him, but for some reason I couldn't in front of Ed and my mother (both of which would have been okay with it) and my grandmother, who wouldn't have approved.  So my pet Giant Auk came over to calm me down.
I was petting his neck and he talked me off the ledge (apparently my pet giant auk could speak).  Once he had me calm, he and Trevor tussled on the floor a little and things calmed down.
I blame my love of seabirds, and Trevor's new haircut.  He is cold after a new cut and he was curled into a little ball that tries to both snuggle against you and push you off the bed at the same time.
And no, no drinking and no sleeping pills last night.  Just an annoying little pup with a Napoleon complex and a chill.

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Anonymous said...

You make me laugh. I had a dream once that my mother was an orca whale and I was stuck in a pool with her. That didn't end well. -svh