Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Model Village in Beaconsfield

Oh my goodness.  After years and years of passing the "Model Village" sign on the M4 - we finally took a trip to Beaconscot, which is the name of the fictional Model Village.  Now, I was totally prepared for a "Model Village"... I thought!
You see I had seen the one in Hot Fuzz, and my expectations were set low.  But nah!
Hot Fuzz Model Village.
Model Beasconscot is amazing.  Trust me, I was that little kid that watched the trains and cars in the Museum of Science & Industry for hours.  This was better!  I was entranced.  I am adding pictures to show you the spectacular!
The view as you walk in.  Cars, a harbor in the background.  All set in the 1930s.

Me and Eddie past the fishing village.

A Circus (with working rides) is in the middle of this picture.  The sailboats in the foreground tact into the wind!

I was wildly entertained.  (And we had great weather for September in England.

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